Everyday Felt Hats!

I have designed and made trilbies and floppy brimmed hats which are styled to be worn everyday. I have always wanted to make hats in these styles as these are the type of hats I like to wear myself.

Below is a photo of myself wearing my country inspired trilby using a range of feathers that work well within the countryside.




I have made bespoke pieces for clients attending weddings and the races. However, they are timeless pieces that can be worn over and over for a days shopping or a  more formal event.

Below is showing a client wearing a bespoke ‘floppy brimmed’ hat with lace detailing around the crown.




Below is a bespoke ‘trilby hat’ using a mixture of pheasant feathers to add more depth and interest of colour.




Please get in touch if you would like a George Durdy Design which are made to order. Email : enquiries@georgedurdy.com

My next challenge is to create a collection of flat caps for men and women.

Watch this space…..